How to Choose the Right Curtains?


  • Curtains are window coverings. Aesthetically, they add beauty and style to any area. The type of fabric used and the design have a huge impact on the window coverings’ visual and thermal performance.

    Number One Purpose

    The main purpose of putting up curtains and other window treatments is to control the amount of light coming into the house. Curtains come in a variety of materials, fabrics, weaves, colors, and designs. They provide privacy, comfort, and aesthetics.

    Curtains are the most common window treatment. Even though curtains are somewhat simple in terms of concept, they do play a huge role in the interior aesthetics of the home. They are fabric interior attachments that are made to fit windows or reach all the way to the floor (drapes).

    Choosing the “Right” Curtains

    When chosen correctly, curtains can enhance the beauty of the house. Everything boils down to the color, fabric, lining, length, and design. You can either have your curtains and drapes custom-made for you or you can purchase ready-made ones.

    • Type of Fabric and Color

    The choice of fabric is important because it will determine how well the curtains will hold up over time. If the material is too heavy, they may not fold crisply when you draw them. On the other hand, if they are too light, they may not fall well.

    Sunlight will cause the fabrics to fade after some time. If you are hanging curtains in rooms that receive a lot of sunlight, refrain from using bright colors because they fade easily. Neutral colors are your best bet and they can easily blend with any room design.

    Silk, linen, and velvet are the perfect choice because these fabrics hang best.

    Heavy materials like suede and velvet are often used when the weather becomes too cold because they effectively block off light as they keep the heat inside the house.

    Lining and interlining can give curtains fullness and body.

    • Lining and Length

    When thinking about what curtains to purchase and use, determine first how high above the window you want them to hang. Consider this: when you hang panels higher than the window, you create the illusion of height to the room.

    Designers often recommend hanging curtains about 6 inches above the frame. Go higher if you want to go for more dramatic look.

    If you want to utilize the curtain to block off sunlight during the day, you can use the extra inches around the window’s perimeter.

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