Know more about Sofa Upholstery


  • If you are interested in Do-It-Yourself sofa upholstery, you need to consider a couple of things before you start.

    • Not every damaged furniture piece can get a new lease on life. If you have a sofa that has a well-made frame, then it might work out. Remember that older pieces, like the ones from the 30’s or 40’s are really sturdy, consider that when upholstering an old piece from grandma.

    • Reupholstering is not that cheap, but it would be worth it in the long run. A good quality job, which includes the stripping, reinforcing, and replacing is not cheap. There is more to upholstering than choosing a good fabric. Assess the other parts of the sofa, like the springs or padding, if they are in good condition, then cost will be less because you don’t need to replace them.

    • Consider this: for the seat and the back cushions, the ratio is supposed to be 60% down to 40% feathers. A higher feather percentage is not good because it will just poke through the fabric. You may ask a professional about this.

    • When you have kids or pets in the house, choose the sturdy fabrics. Choose also the fabric that needs low maintenance.

    • It is important to repaint and refinish when the furniture has been stripped completely.

    • The key to a successful DIY upholstery project is picking a piece with a simple shape and a sturdy fabric with a good texture.

    • Know more about the different fabrics used for upholstery because there many choices and each one are different with their own functions, advantages, and disadvantages. There are synthetic and natural fabrics. While synthetic is cheaper, natural fabrics can withstand constant wear and tear.

    When you want to reupholster a vintage sofa from grandma, you can always seek advice from the expert to ensure that you are doing it right.

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